Mending the Nets

by Jeff Tunnell

Fishing in our town is done with poles, not nets.  This is a resort town with a man made lake, stocked to the fisherman’s delight!  Trout, Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, and a few others are just waiting to be caught.  Even after four decades of living here  I do not fish.

But net fishing for men is quite a different conversation.  In cells, we make “nets” to become fishers of men as a group.  This is the season of mending those nets for the coming year.  Cell activity is a little slower during January due to the recent holiday period.  This gives us a moment to examine the last year’s statistics and evaluate existing momentum.

Are the leaders tired, or excited?  Have there been salvations, baptisms, and regular progress through the training track?  Are new leaders being formed?  Are some nearly prepared for launching?  Would it be good to merge a couple of waning cells?  Is it time to “push” a little on a stalled out leader who is reluctant to multiply?  What is the health level of each leader?

Stepping back and getting a longer view of your work is helpful.  Healthy cells are the nets that we cast into our community to accomplish the work Jesus gave us.  Attention to the continued well being of leaders is so very important.  Where do your nets need mending?


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