Federer Follow Up

by Jeff Tunnell

In Monday’s blog Joel mentioned a well known tennis player’s approach to coaching.  Allow me to follow up with a little article from “World’s Greatest Coach”, by Running Press.

“When he qualified for Wimbledon in 2003, tennis player Roger Federer had yet to win a grand slam.  Though he had upset Pete Sampras in the fourth round at Wimbledon in 2001, and won numerous minor tournaments earlier in the year, the Swissman was unable to crack a major title.

Critics who had predicted his rise had mixed feelings about his potential.  But his coach of 3 ½ years, Peter Lundgren, believed in him. Speaking to John McEnroe, Peter said that in order for Federer to reach his maximum potential, “all he needs is to get one [slam] under his belt.”  Lundgren was right!

Kneeling on the grass court just moments after his victory over Australian Mark Philippoussis, an emotional Federer looked up into the stands – not to pick out his family or acknowledge his fans, but to catch the eye of Peter Lundgren.  The look that passed between them was priceless; it spoke of gratitude, obstacles overcome, awe, and finally, triumph.”

Coaching cell leaders may present a different type of challenge, but the relationship you have with your leaders is vital.  It’s up to you to understand and unlock the potential of each one, pass on the fundamentals of cell ministry and inspire them to be ‘all they can be’ while depending on the grace of God.

By the way, at Wimbledon last year Federer surpassed Peter Sampras’ record (14) for winning the most Grand Slams in a career (15).  His win at the Australian Open at the beginning of this year makes it 16 and time is still on his side.  He is becoming known as the greatest player of all time and he couldn’t have done it without a COACH! (He’s had one since he was 8 years old)

If you are a cell coach, stay with it!  If you are being coached, make sure to utilize your coach often.

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