by Jeff Tunnell

The Day with Joel Comiskey and Mario Vega was a gathering of sincere cell church Pastors, church planters and team members.  From Central America to North America, from East to West Coast and from Texas to Pennsylvania, we spent the day dialoguing, drilling and deliberating. We brainstormed and coached, ate lunch together in working clusters and celebrated over dinner.  Wow, what fun and forward movement, all in one day.

The evaluations and feedback from attendees proved insightful and encouraging, with the summary being “Do this again, we’ll be there!” The JCG board members’ response to that is, “Okay, February 23, 2011 is on the schedule AND let’s see if people would like a “Day with Joel & Mario” on the West Coast too.” This JCG Board is SERIOUS about resourcing the cell church.

So, what do you think?  Want to put the date in your calendar?  Need us to come to the West Coast of USA for another Day on February 25, 2011?  Let us here from you by submitting a Comment below.  Thank you.

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  • This is near “coveteousness” in my heart to be there, like i am sure many others ! But we must learn there is the Lord’s timing for everything.
    I like very much your beautifull humility in your blog. Continue your good work. Your perspective is important to the body of Christ.

  • I agree with Richard’s comments. I have wanted to be there for the past two years, but couldn’t get away to SC. If ya’ll are out west next year and the Lord provides a way…I’m there! Continually encouraged by the JCG team. Thank you.

  • i am a missionary church planter in Tjuana, Mexico. We are involved in planting cell churches in Tijuana and I am also mentoring other men both missionaries and nationals. A Day with Joel and Mario on the Weat Coast would be very helpful for me, even better if it took place in Southern, California.

  • I would love to have you do this on the West Coast. Like others, I have really wanted to attend but was hindered by the cost of travel. God bless!!

  • Liz – Hooray!

    Walter – ¡Ah, te gusta la playa ! ¿Dónde se viene?

    Bill – I believe JCG wants to make this very accessible, so thanks for praying for us in the planning stages.

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