A Supportive Environment

by Jeff Tunnell

At the conclusion of our Celebration this weekend a new believer came to talk with me. He wanted to share how he had listed out 3 specific prayers on paper the previous week and how God answered each one specifically within the following 24 hours!  His delight was radiant and contagious, his thankfulness was overflowing to God.  I asked if he was in one of our cells yet, as he has only been in our Celebrations for less than 2 months.  He responded enthusiastically and affirmatively sharing that the exercise of writing down prayers had come during the cell meeting just last week.

Jesus is listening to the prayers offered in Cells!  Praise His name! Of course we do not have to write out every prayer, but this new believer is being discipled in the cell and learning how to know for certain that God hears his requests by journaling.

Most of the answers to prayer that come to my attention are from within the cell groups.  This indicates that a premium is being placed on time spent in prayer with one another.  Our cell broke into 2s and 3s last week for prayer at the end of the cell meeting.  I found two great benefits: the prayer of agreement was easily attained as it was so easy to communicate the need with just a couple of others and secondly, a phrase I have used many times, “prayer produces intimacy”.  This means to me that close fellowship occurs among those praying together that likely would not be obtained in any other way.  Friendship in Christ is formed when praying for one another.  I like the results!

3 thoughts on “A Supportive Environment

  • Our cell group gathered together with a dear friend in Christ and prayed for her safe and effective surgery. The closeness of our small group was evident and I know she felt stronger and more positive about her big surgery ahead. Her family member who is not a believer was close by listening. He is comforted, knowing the intimacy of our group has carried his loved one away from fear and set her mind at rest.
    These are the times in which others see the Body of Christ at work within its members. God is so good!

  • I was personally blessed last week in cell to be able to share a burden I had relating to my son and his marriage. He had moved out from his wife and two small children because of problems and I was really broken by what was happening. I was able to come to the cell and ask them to pray for my son’s marriage to be healed and for them not to give up. Not only did we pray and I was encouraged by the burden sharing but within one week my son went back home and is trying to work things out. The real answer is Christ in the center of that marriage. So all who read this, keep this prayer going for Mark and Callie. I’m praying for their marriage to be built on Christ and not on shifting sands. It is within the intimacy of the cell that burdens like this can be shared and prayers can be lifted!. God is so faithful!

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