Why I Lead a Cell

by Steve Cordle

Sometimes I am asked “You’re the senior pastor, why do you lead a group?”

Though our church is not as large as some, it is still a challenge to keep up with the demands of 3 campuses and over 1,300 attenders. Though we have several network pastors, I still lead a cell because:

1. It’s a good example.
I can’t call people to be in a group if I’m not, and if I’m in one I may as well lead it! It communicates that groups are where the action is.

2. I love seeing lives change from close-up.
It energizes me to see God working in the lives of people! Last week in our group I saw someone set free from decades long bondage to fear, a single mom experience the support and love of Christ-centered community, and another plan to share the gospel with a friend. Yes, most of my role is about the overall mission of Crossroads and developing others to minister, but why should I let others have all the fun?

3. I get to raise up more leaders.
I get to replicate my leadership, and it helps our church when more leaders are released to serve.

Other senior pastors out there, why do you lead a cell?


6 thoughts on “Why I Lead a Cell

  • Steve, three campuses and 1300 members is a HUGE church. Don’t feel dwarfed by the megachurches found here and there around the country. Size does not equal health and personal transformation, that’s for sure!

    The average church in America is 200 members or less. I consult with churches between the average size and your size for the most part, and the pastors always say they are too busy to lead a group of their own. I’m going to send them this blog entry so they can see that anything is possible when it’s a genuine priority.

    I wonder though—does Mario lead a cell group in his church?

  • Steve, I lead a cell for several reasons (i.e.; transparency, vulnerability, accountability, etc) but the one reason that immediately comes to mind is, it’s important that others, especially potential cell leaders, see that I am also human.

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