Lifelong Learner

by Michael Sove

Those who know me know that I always talk about being a lifelong learner.  Since 1995 I have been involved in the Cell Church movement.  I try to read every book that comes out that has anything to do with cells, cell church values, making disciples and coaching.  Bill Warren, the Senior Pastor and I, always have a book that we are processing together.    When we meet weekly, we will typically spend some time talking about the latest chapter we have read and how it applies to us.

I have the privilege of focusing full time on developing people, learning from cell resources and networking with other cell pastors.  I always pass on to Bill Warren the book, the chapter, the quote, the idea etc. that I think will help us flesh out the vision to become a Spirit-filled Cell Church that impacts the world for Christ.

Three years ago we also did something that has been so helpful in our on-going transition to become a cell church.  We contacted JCG and asked Joel Comiskey to be our outside coach.  It has been a continual blessing to have someone who is on the outside, to ask good questions to, someone with experience who can help us set achievable goals to move to the next level in our transition.  Find someone who can function as your coach.  The return on investment far exceeds the cost.

Pastor Bill and I have contacted other lead/senior pastors from cell churches that are larger and a few steps ahead of where we are currently in our transition and development as a cell church.  These pastors have graciously given us their time, usually through a conference call, so we could ask questions and learn from their experience. These conversations have proved to be invaluable and encouraging and keep us moving forward in our vision.

I strongly recommend that the lead/senior pastor and his team attend an annual cell seminar, conference or workshop.  Those of us who attended the Cell Symposium that Dr. Ralph Neighbour organized last year, know that this was a very special once in a lifetime gathering. The last two years a team from our church attended the “Day With Joel and Mario” sponsored by JCG and have been greatly encouraged and strengthened as a team.  I have also found new friends to network with at these events.

I hope you are also a lifelong learner, doing all you can to sharpen your understanding and leadership skills.  I have found this to be the key to endurance and passion when it comes to cell church leadership.



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