Good and Pleasant Teamwork

by Michael Sove

David expressed what we are experiencing as a staff here at Allen.  He said, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”   Psalm 133:1

A few days ago Jeff Tunnell talked about how “Two Are Better Than One.”  He said, “We need the camaraderie and brotherhood of others for mutual encouragement, mentoring, sharpening of skills and broadening of ideas in our cell ministry.”

Our staff is actually experiencing this and we are working well together.  There are a couple of things that lead to this unity and camaraderie.  Each of us including the Senior Pastor is involved at some level in a cell.  Some of us lead a cell, some of us coach as well as lead a cell, while others simply participate in a cell because of other levels of responsibility. We understand the importance of connecting in community and being in each other’s lives.  It’s a value we all hold in common and this strengthens us as a team.

Having a cohesive team is important in any situation but I feel it is even more critical in the cell church.  One of the greatest moves we have made is to simplify our objective as a church.  Each person on the staff focuses on that objective and therefore our ministries all fit into a directional flow that leads toward the fulfillment of that objective.  So when we come together in a team meeting, there is this sense of togetherness and encouragement.  We are helping and supporting one another.  We understand the importance of “integration.”  Everything we do fits the objective and connects with everything else we’re doing.  There is not a sense of competition but of cooperation.

On top of all that, we’re growing as friends and this leads to good and pleasant teamwork.

Comments?  What have you done to enhance teamwork in your ministry?


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  • Michael, I can testify that your team has done an incredible job of simplifying the ministry. I hope many will ask for your vision statement because it’s simple and clear. BTW, I like your picture here much better!

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