Practical Tips on Team Ministry in the Cell Church

steveby Steve Cordle

Coming together as a team of leaders or network pastors can result in increased TEAM effectiveness and unity, but it doesn’t happen automatically.

After years of searching and experimenting with how to make the most of our TEAM meetings, I have come to a rather simple outline of three main agenda items.

1. Spiritual input – Since our Network Pastor TEAM immediately follows our All-staff meeting (which includes worship and prayer), I don’t always take time for additional spiritual input.

When I do, sometimes I share something God has stirred in me; other times we ask each other accountability questions like “How was your time with God this week?” and “Who did you share Christ with this week”? I try to gauge the spiritual temperature of the team and shift the focus to spiritual dynamics if I sense we are getting too mechanical or dry in our ministry.

2. Planning.- As needed we will brainstorm about a problem, or plan a group leader training event together. We will evaluate our training track or the monthly leadership training event.

3. Network reporting – in order to prevent this from becoming merely numbers, I ask:

a) What are we celebrating this week in our network of groups?

b) What is your greatest challenge right now?

c) How will you address that challenge?

The best conversations are those which involve all those around the table. When leaders learn from one another everyone grows stronger.

These meetings are not flashy, but they are vital to on-going effectiveness.

We then leave the meeting with a “to-do” list.



1 thought on “Practical Tips on Team Ministry in the Cell Church

  • Great thoughts Steve. I start my team meetings (after worship and prayer and sometimes a devotional word) with a simple question, “Who can tell me a connect, grow, serve or lead story?”

    The mission of our church (and therefore the mission of our cells) is:
    – Connect with God with His family
    – Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ
    – Serve as you are being served
    – Lead others to connect, grow, serve and lead.

    By starting with the “C,G,S,L” question, we accent the spirirtual dynamics of our cells, sections, and zones. At the same time we discover whether the mission is actually happening in people’s lives or is just a statement on the wall!

    Our pastors and cell leaders (knowing the question is coming) often respond with an excited, “I’ve got one!” When called on, their opening statement is, “Mine is a Grow story” or “Mine is a Connect story.”

    This approach provides a spiritual foundation for the to-do lists we create. It keeps us reminded that everything we do is about helping people come to Christ and become more like Him!

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