The Four Dimensions of a Holistic Cell

by Michael Sove

One of my favorite ways to determine wether a cell is holistic or not is to look for the following four dimensions.  (upward, inward, outward and forward) The questions I ask are as follows:

#1  (Upward)  Are the people being directed into the presence of God?

#2  (Inward)  Are the people experiencing community and serving one another.

#3  (Outward)  Is the cell actively praying for and reaching out to the lost?

#4  (Forward) Are people being discipled and leaders being raised toward the next multiplication?

As a church we have adopted the following definition for our cells and it has been very helpful.  You will see the four dimensions are seen in the definition.

Definition of a Cell Group

A group of 4-15 people who have chosen to live together in biblical community for the purpose of Christ-centered worship, edification, relational evangelism and discipleship with the goal of multiplication.

A Closer Look at Our Definition of a Cell Group

Small Size (4-15 people)  Cells should remain small enough so that each person can participate and intimacy in relationships can occur.

Regularity (meet weekly)  Cells meeting weekly are the norm to promote continuity from the weekend services and to assure quality control.  Guests from the weekend can immediately connect with a group.

Penetration (outside the church building)  Cells meet outside the church building to penetrate the world where people live, move and breathe.

Upward (Christ-centered worship)  Cells help people experience the presence of God.

Inward (biblical community)  Cells provide the optimum environment for meaningful  relationships to be developed.  People are created for community.

Outward (for the purpose of evangelism)  Cells pray for and reach out to those needing Christ.  This is the reason for cells and is the priority of the cell as the group reaches out together.

Forward (discipleship and equipping)  Cells offer pastoral care and a process for spiritual growth through an equipping track designed to help all toward become Spirit-filled servants of Christ.

Expansion (goal of multiplication)  Cells focus on raising new leaders so new groups can be started and more people reached, developed and cared for.

Clarity in definition has helped our cells remain four dimensional and holistic in nature.

Comments?  What definition do you use?


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