Practicing Discipleship

steveby Steve Cordle

As we have said in this week’s blogs, one of the most important decisions you will make about your cell ministry is what will constitute a cell. That is because what you practice in the cell will shape your people’s concept of what it means to follow Jesus.

If the main way we disciple people is through cell group ministry, it is vital that our groups engage people in all the major disciple practices!

For example, if we do not expect our groups to evangelize (or close the groups to new people in order for the members to “grow deeper”) then when will the members practice evangelism? By not building evangelism into the cell, we have effectively said to our church that we do not consider evangelism essential to a believer’s life. If it were, how could we possibly meet and not do it?

Further, since Jesus’ mission was “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10), how could we disciple people to be like Him without doing evangelism?

Determining what we will call a cell is not merely a philosophical exercise. It will determine the nature of the disciples we produce!



3 thoughts on “Practicing Discipleship

  • You are right on Steve! I love the way you write and make things very easy to understand. Thanks for all your input.

  • Excellent points. You know, most pastors with whom I visit want their small groups to be evangelistic and focus on reaching friends for Christ… but they don’t work at it with the group members and it’s more of a strong “hope they do it because they’re supposed to and they know it” more than anything else.

    Apparently, there’s a strong move among churches in America to protect people’s time by not asking them to do more than show up for the big group and the small group and tithe.

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