Weekly Threshold Ministry

by Michael Sove

The dictionary gives the following definitions for the word “threshold”:

1. The sill of a doorway

2. The entrance to a house or building

3. Any place or point of entering or beginning

I think the word threshold is a perfect word to describe cell ministry that penetrates the neighborhoods we live in.  Wherever we go we carry the life of Christ.  What an awesome picture to capture and a worthy vision to chase after.  Taking the life of Christ across the thresholds of our homes and inviting others across that same threshold to experience that life!  At Allen we call our cells “Neighborhood Life” with that vision in mind.

Since a cell church soars with two wings, celebration and cell, it makes sense to hold cell gatherings on a weekly basis as we do celebration services.  Those who come to our weekly celebration services can be immediately be plugged into a cell and there can be continuity between what happens on Sunday and what happens in the cell.

Each month we hold three cell gatherings for edification and one cell gathering for outreach (usually on a weekend where people are more available).  For the week following the first Sunday of the month all our cells hold parties and events in our neighborhoods for the purpose of outreach and helping unconnected people from our celebration services get connected.  This month I invited my whole townhouse community to what we called “Ice Cream Sunday.”

I pray that you and your cell members can catch a “Threshold” vision!

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