Seeing through a Different Lens

by Michael Sove

To me the biggest problem in transition is helping the people see through a different lens.  People have been taught that the answer to every problem is a program.  Programs aren’t bad things in and of themselves.  The program was initiated to meet a need.  But as you know, programs all need a point person, they compete for time in the calendar and dollars in the budget.

So in the midst of transition it is very important to educate people about the change in the operating system.  Most of the misunderstandings come from people who see cells as just another program and if cells are just another program why rock the boat.

I liked what Jeff Tunnell said a few days ago about starting with a prototype cell and as a leadership team, really learning the values of a cell based church and beginning to build the infrastructure of equipping and the other components that will prepare future leaders.  There is no way around this as there is no instant cell church.

While you are in the prototyping stage, and you are building a base of cells that can reproduce I would use every opportunity to teach and illustrate the values behind what you are doing.  I wouldn’t preach a message without bridging it to a value.  I’m not talking about filling your sermons with “cell talk” or “cell terminology” but filling them with real stories of life transformation, serving in the community, reaching out as a team, the power of mentoring and on and on I could go.

Cells are not a program shift but a lifestyle change so do all you can to help people see through a new lens.  You cannot teach or illustrate enough.  Long after you have transitioned, the stories and illustrations will capture people’s hearts and breath life into the cell church strategy.



2 thoughts on “Seeing through a Different Lens

  • Mike, your thoughts, combined with the other guys on Joel’s blog and Joel himself are really, really, great! Keep up the great work.

    To reinforce what you said above, transitioning the part of the church that’s yet to join a group is like helping a young child understand that he or she will have a baby brother or sister soon, and the baby’s room needs to be prepared and their help to take care of the baby will be required.

    I was in a home a while back with a pregnant mom and dad, and as a family they prayed for the safety of the unborn child and their youngest was so sweet to pray and ask God to take good care of his little sister who would come out of mommy’s stomach soon.

    Mobilizing the congregation to pray for the new direction of the church and safety of the prototype group(s) as they experience a new way of doing and being the church and for favor with lost persons to whom they are relating will align their hearts toward the shift.

  • Thanks Randall! I love the diversity of the guys who blog here as we are all at different levels of transition, growth, experience and location. Thanks for all you do for the “Holistic Group/Cell” world.

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