NO is a Blessed Word in Cell Ministry

joelby Joel Comiskey

I came in contact with one “cell church” several years ago that was adding programs in the name of “strenthening the cell ministry.” The pastor was simply unaware of the danger of mixing cells and programs. In one sense, everything “potentially” could help cell ministry. Yet the cost of adding programs is great because the programs will drain the scarce “people” resources. If a church expects people to multiply cell groups, oversee those new groups, get to know non-Christians, and participate in celebration activities,  it cannot also expect those same people to get involved in a variety of additional programs. Billy Hornsby once said, “There are many good ideas that we want to attach to the cells to help them be successful. These attachments are simply not needed. In fact, they will eventually burden the cell groups so much that there will be an “overload” factor that will kill one cell group after another, along with its leadership.”

Most pastors can testify that a million well-intentioned programs will knock, even pound, on the door. Yet, they will also drown cell ministry.

Learning to say “NO” is an important fundamental in the cell church. NO, in fact, is a blessed word in the cell church. If a pastor doesn’t learn to say “NO,” the cell church system will flounder.

What has your experience been in this area?


3 thoughts on “NO is a Blessed Word in Cell Ministry

  • In Brazilian Portuguese, I think most Spanish Speakers can understand:
    O que vejo na realidade brasileira, particularmente de nossa igreja, é que as pessoas estão com suas agendas lotadas. Estão cansadas devido às demandas do trabalho e da família. Por isso é importante dizer “não” para programas e focar nas células. As pessoas não possuem nem tempo nem energia para tantas atividades.

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