Focusing on the Task at Hand

By Michael Sove

Nehemiah gives us an example of focused ministry, sticking to the task at hand.

Neh 6:3-4  “So I sent messengers to them with this answer: “I am doing a great work, and I can’t come down. I don’t want the work to stop while I leave to meet you.” Sanballat and Geshem sent the same message to me four times, and each time I sent back the same answer.”

When you embark on the cell ministry journey you must stick to the task.  There will be many calls to come down from the wall, so to speak.  Many times the good can become a distraction from the best.

Think about it.  If you are leading a holistic cell and trying to raise a team of future leaders you will have your hands full sticking to that task and doing that well.

There are people to disciple, outreach events to be planned, relationships to be built and nurtured, lessons to be internalized so real application can be made.  Then there is daily prayer for the members, invitations to be given weekly to the not yet members and on and on I could go.  This is the prime ministry to focus on as you spend quality time with the the real leader of your cell, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m not saying that other ministries can’t happen but the prime ministry is focused on building the foundation of “holistic cells.”

Once you have this foundation built then you can begin to add other ministries with one main expectation.  If you want to start a ministry, you will be part of a cell for your nurture and development and accountability.

You receive ministry and then you go do ministry!  Stay on the wall and focus on the task and you will be blessed in the long run.  Those who begin ministries will be connected to the cell system and all things can work together for the advancement of the kingdom.



4 thoughts on “Focusing on the Task at Hand

  • I love how you enumerated on all that a cell leader/member is supposed to do. Sadly, pastors and leaders don’t realize that they are handcuffing these people by then requiring other programs and ministries. . .

  • Very well said dear brother. This is reality ! Leading a cell is really doing Church all the way. This is Church.
    I liked your exemple of focused attention with Nehemiah.

  • Thank you for this post..I am really encouraged by it! (As I am by many of your posts, BTW…) As cell champion in a growing church – similar in size to yours, I think – there are many (good) things to get excited about. Praise God, my pastor is saying “I want you to have tunnel vision and focus on our groups.” I’m gettin’ on that wall! 🙂 Amen?!

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