Learning Coaching from a Car Dealership

steveby Steve Cordle

Recently my wife’s car gave out and we had to buy her another one. As we visited various car dealerships, I noticed the differences between their sales and staff people. Some were relaxed and gave us space, others were insistent and almost aggressive. When we finally decided on a car, the employee who did our paperwork was smiling most of the time he spoke with us. He had worked there 12 years and told us how great the company was to work for. He said they were all trained and supported in their roles, and from top to bottom it was a quality organization. This wasn’t a sales tactic; after all, we had already purchased the car.

As I thought about it, I realized that all the sales and support staff at that dealership shared the same joyful, giving attitude. When I need another car, it is likely I will make that place my first stop, not because I like the owner or general manager (we never met them), but because of the experience their staff delivered. That dealership’s business depends on its staff, and they train them that way.

If our small group leaders are on the front lines of ministry, help shape members in Jesus’ image, mobilize outreach, and hear of problems first, then it is surely important that we give those leaders our priority attention!

How important is your leader’s development to you? The way we coach our leaders is our answer to those questions!



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