Structure with Growth in Mind

By Michael Sove

When thinking through a coaching structure for your context, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself.

#1  What will be our spans of care?  How can I make sure every leader is cared for well?

I like smaller spans of care as we ask our coaches to do the following:

a)  Pray daily for the leaders under their care.

b)  Contact weekly for the purpose of encouragement, prayer and care.

c)  Sit down monthly for the purpose of personal care, and helping the leader to develop action plans around the habits that make a difference both in the cell and outside the cell.

d)  Visit their cell occasionally.

#2  How will I multiply my coaches as the number of cell leaders expands?

One of the mistakes to avoid in a coaching structure is not thinking out past your current need for coaches.  I am currently asking myself “Who will take care of the next ten leaders?”

#3  How will I measure the effectiveness of my coaches?

Is it new cells?  The number of members turned into leaders?  Lower leader turnover, or a combination of all these things?  It is important to identify some coaching objectives.

You can see why you can’t just adopt someone else’s coaching structure but need one tailor-made for your setting, vision and objectives.

What other factors have you considered in forming your coaching structure?


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