Love Those You Coach

Jeff Tunnell

I am on the central coast of California this morning.  My youngest son’s wedding is at noon, on the beach.  He is in love, making a lifetime commitment and joining two families together by this biblical act.  I am very proud.  In parenting, coaching is a non-stop process that shapes the lives of our children.  I am seeing the fruit of my life being poured into my son.  He’ll be a great husband and will become a great father in turn.  I am privileged to have been his coach in life and I think the relationship will now grow richer and stronger.  It’s a beautiful day!

I think there’s a blog in here about coaching starting with the Senior Pastor and working it through the rest of those engaged in the cell ministry, hope you find it.  My thoughts are dominated by this right of passage.  Love those you coach, it really helps.

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