Who Coaches the Senior Pastor?

by Mario Vega

Joel has already explained that the coaching must start with the Senior Pastor. The big question is who coaches the Senior Pastor? It seems obvious to me that the one coaching the senior pastor should be from outside the local church. The coach should also be someone who believes and embodies cell church ministry. And the senior pastor must be willing to listen to his coach and do what is requested.

Another way the senior pastor can find encouargement is by attending cell church conferences, visiting cell churches, reading books on the subject, and nurturing friendships with those who work or know the cell system. All these are elements that help the Pastor to feel connected and coached in ministry.

You can also be coached by specialists, as is the case with most of the members of the JCG Board of Directors. This is a privilege that can only be enjoyed by a few people, but it is the most direct way to have personalized coaching.

What about you? If you are a cell church Senior Pastor, who coaches you?


Translation in Spanish:

La supervisión del Pastor Principal.

Joel ha explicado que la supervisión debe comenzar desde el Pastor Principal de toda iglesia celular. La gran pregunta es ¿quién supervisa al Pastor Principal si con él termina la estructura celular de la iglesia? Obviamente, la supervisión debe venir de alguien externo a la iglesia local.

Dado que se trata del trabajo celular, los encargados de supervisar al Pastor Principal deben ser otras personas que conocen los principios y valores del modelo. Por su parte, el Pastor Principal debe tener la disposición de rendir cuentas cada vez que se le requiera.

Otra forma de ser animado es asistiendo a conferencias sobre el tema celular, visitando otras iglesias celulares, leyendo libros sobre el tema, cultivando amistades que trabajan o conocen el sistema. Todos estos son elementos que permiten al Pastor no sentirse solo en una tarea como ésta.

También se puede tener la supervisión de personas especializadas. Tal como sucede con la mayor parte de los miembros de la Directiva de JCG. Este es un privilegio que pueden disfrutar solamente unas pocas personas, pero es la manera más directa de tener una supervisión personalizada.

Si usted es un Pastor Principal de una iglesia celular ¿quién le supervisa?

2 thoughts on “Who Coaches the Senior Pastor?

  • David Mills writes:

    “Hello Mario
    i agree with what you have said. as a Senior pastor i have been coached by Ralph Neighbor and his books, the encouragement of this web service and the ongoing counsel you many leaders provide. there are good resources and wisdom from several sources to help any pastor who needs the coaching. i am receiving it and encourage every Senior pastor to avail himself of the books and mentoring available so that we can transition our traditional churches over to the cell model and rebuild the church in a more biblical pattern. May His kingdom thrive.
    David Mills”

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