You’ll Never Have Enough

By Michael Sove

The one thing you’ll never be able to say, “I have enough leaders.”  No sooner do you think you have enough and a leader will receive a job transfer and move, another leader will quit without warning, and some will go through a season of personal struggle and have to step down to strengthen their marriage or spend time with an unruly teen or care for an aged parent.

Mark my words, “You’ll never have enough.”  As I write this blog my greatest need is for additional leaders.  As Joel said a few days ago, you can’t increase cells without increasing the number of leaders.  Jesus said it this way:  Luke 10:2 “…”The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

If you are to multiply cell groups to hold the harvest and make disciples, you’ll need a constant flow of people into your training process.  This starts with prayer asking God to open your eyes to the people around you.  See everyone as a potential leader and have a system to raise them up and train them, whether they ever take on leadership or not.  The worst thing that will happen if you see everyone as potential and train them up.  You’ll have cell members who have a clear sense of vision and they will be great core team members and add value to the outreach and discipleship of their cell.

Since “You’ll never have enough” leaders, spend time praying, selecting, training all who are willing.  In this way you may be able to enter the harvest field with enough workers and cells to ensure all can connect to a “Basic Christian Community” and experience the intimacy and life change that God intends for all His children.

Do you have enough leaders?  What are you doing to stay ahead of the need?


2 thoughts on “You’ll Never Have Enough

  • How it is true dear brother, specially for leaders of cells. This is our main problem. We had ten elders five years ago. 5 of them are now planting new churches. So the words of Jesus rings clearly : the laborers are few…ask.

  • Very, very true.

    One of the things that I’ve found is that many people wait until they have a desperate need before they start identifying and developing leaders.

    Don’t wait, be on the lookout now. That way, you’ll always have people to choose from and you will be better prepared when people vacate a role.

    You’ll never have enough leaders, so never stop developing them.

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