Each One Teach One

Jeff Tunnell

I sat in a class of 7 people this morning covering “Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery”. Conducted by Loma Linda University and taught by Janelle Martin, MS RCEP, it is a one hour class, using PowerPoint presentations and the accompanying handouts. This is week Two of Twelve weeks and my interest level is peaked as I attend with my close friend Joe who is recovering from a recent Bypass surgery.

The class method is very effective for this group as they interact with laughter, questions and mutual affirmation of the information given.  All of those here, except me, have been through a heart surgery recently and are learning about what happened to them after the fact.  Attention levels are HIGH and camaraderie is obvious in the verbal support exchanged between attendees.

Thinking about training and equipping new cell leaders certainly comes to mind in this setting.  It reminds me that if I have a handful of people who are at the same level in equipping need, I can gather them in a class setting to teach the material associated with that step.  I, or another leader, can present the instructional component of information to everyone at the same time and foster a team spirit using dialogue among the learners.  These disciples have a direct relationship to the class content, and one another, which leads to overflowing encouragement.

However, I don’t always have enough for a class and often those in the equipping track are not at the same level.  If I wait for a batch to accumulate, many stall out and loose interest in leadership development.  Consequently, we conduct nearly our entire training track using a one-on-one method.  The cell leader bears the responsibility for each cell member’s progress through the training.  They may delegate the weekly process to a cell member and come alongside these two to monitor successful completion.  Flexibility in when to meet each week is extended to the ones engaged in the equipping while the cell leader holds them accountable to finish the equipping step in an acceptable time frame.

Desiring consistency in discipleship, we use only ONE training track until each disciple is equipped to lead their own cell, whether they do or not.  We will use different methods along the way, if necessary, to accomplish equipping, but never have more than one training series.  Presently we are utilizing Joel Comiskey’s 5-book series along with the new audio book components.  It brings resolve and clarity to our goal of training future leaders.

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  • If only we could view our cells as a life & death meeting like the LLU support group. The people there cling to every word because their life depends on it. Our lives so depend on the every Word of God that we hear at cell, it should have such attention!

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