Adapting Good Resources to Your Setting

By Michael Sove

As I said in a previous post, people need to be trained to facilitate the cell gathering as well as learn the habits that will make the difference, if practiced, between cell gatherings.  The two resources I use to accomplish this are Lead by Joel Comiskey for the basics (purchase through the Joel Comiskey Group web site) and 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders by Dave Earley, for the practices that should be focused on between cell gatherings.  (Purchase through Touch Outreach Ministries.)

When it comes to the basics, the person will read a chapter in Joel’s book and listen to a CD that I have prepared that explains how this information applies to our setting and contains supplemental things that I want to address around each topic.  There are eight chapters in Joel’s book and therefore eight topics of focus.   I believe a person could easily cover a chapter a week while receiving practical assignments from their cell leader, which exposes them to all aspects of facilitating a cell gathering.

Next they will work through the 8 Habits book by Dave Earley which will give them the tools which will help their cell be transformed outside the gatherings.  Again, this can be completed in eight weeks but what is most important is actually practicing these habits.

A person who really works at it can receive excellent training over the course of sixteen weeks while living out and practicing these skills in their cell group.  They can work at their own pace and start at any time.  We provide these resources to those in our cell groups who are willing to be trained.  If your budget can’t afford that, then keep the cost to a minimum for those being trained.

One resource that I have found recently that I highly recommend is Michael Mack’s book, Burnout-free Small Group Leadership.  (Purchase through Touch Outreach Ministries.)  This is all about forming a core team to help lead the cell and share the ministry.  The principles in this book are very powerful and will help your leaders avoid burnout and put excitement back into cell group life.

What materials do you use?  Do any of you write your own that you’d be willing to share?


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