Beggars and Bread

Jeff Tunnell

Evangelism has been described as “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread”.  It isn’t hard, but the first beggar has to possess two qualities: unselfishness & an overflowing joy in the reality of being fed.  In the cell family that gathers we will need a reminder of the fact that we were once beggars and found the answer to our hunger in Christ’s provision for our salvation.  Over time we can simply get used to being well fed while forgetting about the hunger we used to experience.  Our culture of news media also numbs us to the reality of real people who are bound for hell without Jesus, when we see depicted in a short 30-minute broadcast, hundreds of people washed away in a flood or lives destroyed by earthquake or fire and then turn to one another and ask, “what’s for dinner?”

Urgency in the cell must be fostered by a loving leader who rightfully discerns the need of the community around them and plans for action to literally save the lost.  It is better to work as a team in prayer first, winning the victory in the spirit, and then moving to that action plan for telling the other beggars where we found food.

This is simple and brief, but my daughter’s wedding was on Saturday and I am just getting my feet back under me!  The wedding was spectacular and we are thrilled to have added a son to our growing family.  Be blessed in Jesus name.

3 thoughts on “Beggars and Bread

  • Jeff, Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! My cell prayed for a guy for two years and then he accepted Christ and is now leading a cell that has birthed once already. I was told many years ago that many of our future leaders are still in the harvest! I’ve seen this as reality. We must pray daily and ask the Lord of the Harvest for workers. Have a great day.

  • Dear Jeff Tunnell,

    Your comment titled “Beggars and Bread” really motivated me to make a bigger effort to invite others to come to our bible study every week so they can be fed the word of God and not be hungry again. Thanks a lot for sharing with all of us what God has given you. Blessings and congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. I wish her the best for her marriage.

  • Many thanks for the blessings toward my daughter. Michael, your account of the cell leader who came to the Lord by the intercession of the cell group is encouraging. Praying for laborers into the harvest is one of the prayers Jesus gave us to pray, which means He is predisposed to answer!

    Hope to see you in Dallas come February 2011.

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