Evangelism is More Fun in a Group

steveby Steve Cordle

One of the main differences between small groups as a program and cell groups as the identity of the church is that cells evangelize.

Evangelism is vital to a cell group because if cells are the backbone and basic expression of the church, a cell without evangelism means we have a church without evangelism. And if we are going to develop disciples in our groups, how can they become like the One who left the 99 to find the 1 lost sheep if they never experience that in the group?

Many American believers find evangelism terrifying and difficult. Therefore, if left alone, it is unlikely they will share their faith on a regular basis. An effective group can provide encouragement and opportunity for evangelism.

One group that I was part of decided to go to the town fair and set up a booth for “popcorn and prayer.”  At first some of members were uneasy about the idea of approaching strangers and offering popcorn and prayer. But because the whole group was doing it, they went along. The result was an inspiring afternoon of praying for people we never would have met nor ministered to had we not done it. And best of all, those who were timid about reaching out discovered they could do so without passing out!

Of course, there are many ways groups reach out with the love of Christ. Having a team praying for you when planning a spiritual conversation with a friend can be a great encouragement. And it’s truly a joy to celebrate the times the lost get found!

It is more likely to happen in a team than all alone.



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