The One-Two Punch of Prayer

Jeff Tunnell

Let us remind one another that prayer is a work of faith.  We pray AND believe.  We believe what God states and then we pray in accord with God’s revealed plans.  My friend Ted Rose, Jr., founder of Worldwide Prayer and California State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, recently said that because God answers prayers, we should offer many prayers for the salvation of friends, family and acquaintances BECAUSE those prayers will follow the people we pray for all the days of their lives.  Even if we should pass away prior to the answer coming, it will come, due to God’s faithfulness.

Our cells should regularly target in prayer those who need salvation.  We have authority to pull back the blinders off of the eyes and hearts of those blinded by Satan.  The eyes being freed will be able to receive a presentation of the Gospel.  So follow up the first volley of prayer with additional intercession according to Jesus’ command; pray to the Lord of the harvest that HE will thrust workers into the harvest.  They will be ready to believe the Gospel when the worker arrives!

There’s a great 1-2 punch that defeats the devil and paves the way for many to come to Christ!

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