Creating More Entry Points

By Michael Sove

Every time a new cell is birthed you penetrate the community one more time and the church gains a new entry point.  Cell strategy is an exciting strategy because people can connect in either direction.  Some come to the celebration service before they connect to a cell, while others connect to a cell before they come to a celebration service.

Multiplication is very important to the overall health and growth of a cell church.  With no multiplication, cells become overgrown and stagnant.  Since reaching others for Christ is why we are here, multiplication is essential to make more room for more people.

I have found that people tend to connect with a cell easier when it is new.  So there is something to the continual multiplication of the cell that allows new people to make easier connection.  Each time one of our cells multiplies I bring the members on the platform and make a big deal over the multiplication.  I then introduce the new leader / core team and pray over them and invite those who have not connected to a cell to consider connecting at this time.  It never fails, people connect to the new cell and the process continues.

It is exciting to take a map of your region and mark all the places your cell groups meet.  Then envision what it would look like to have a cell group in every neighborhood.  More entry points for people to meet Christ, to be discipled and raised up to continue the process.  There is only one way to realize that vision and that is through the on-going multiplication of your cells.

Make sure to recognize and reward those who multiply their groups.  Each year I hold an appreciation banquet for all leaders and their core teams and give out eagle awards for those who have multiplied or planted a cell.

Multiplication is the goal that allows for penetration into the community and all the other purposes of the cell to be realized.  Multiplication of cells reflects health and leads to health and growth of the church.



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