Multiplication Journey

by Jeff Tunnell

Friends,  on our journey in building cells and multiplying them we have fallen into the trap of adopting someone else’s rules for closing cells that do not multiply within a certain time frame.  Hearing comments like, a baby can be born in 9 months so surely we can multiply a cell in that amount of time, seemed to make sense at the time.  But when faced with a sincere and healthy leader who has been shepherding people that move away, or have economy driven schedules with multiple jobs that do not fit into the cell meeting schedule, it becomes difficult to close the cell based on non-multiplication!

Frequency of multiplication must rest upon the health of the cell, its leader and an ability to sustain the multiplication.  Many other good factors should exist beyond a simple timeframe such as, benchmarks of maturity, available supervisors/coaches, support systems in place, accountability to leadership and new souls being won to Christ, presenting the need for additional cells.  Time alone has not been a good benchmark for multiplying cells.  I agree with the attitude that if a cell has not multiplied in a certain timeframe that we should examine why, spend time seeking God for insight and guidance to correct the weaknesses that may exist and regroup for the next season.  Let’s keep cells open and functioning for the right reasons.

2 thoughts on “Multiplication Journey

  • It has been my experience that a group that is not multiplying will eventually die off without the need of formal closure. I have seen groups fulfill the need for fellowship, but their vision never becomes missional and the group eventually dies off. Those who have a missional vision will end up attending another group.

    In short, I have simply allowed the groups to keep functioning because they become a parking place for people who enjoy fellowship, they have a point of contact in the event a tragedy strikes, and are able to celebrate new births, weddings, etc.

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