Target Date – Prepared Leaders – God’s Timing

By Michael Sove

If you want to multiply your cell it is very important to set a target date for multiplication.  I have found that if you do not have a date, even if that date is a year from now, you will not take the necessary steps to prepare your cell for multiplication.  Right now I’m targeting April 2011 for my cell to multiply.  We have just moved out of my home to a host home that has additional space to grow over the next few months.  If the cell becomes too large we will break up into two groups that will meet within the same house until we are ready to multiply.

Currently I have 14 people in my cell.  We have grown from 4 to 14 in the last three months by praying over the open chair and inviting people weekly.  But a target date and a large cell doesn’t lead to automatic multiplication.  Leaders also need to be prepared.

Raising prepared leaders needs to become your number one focus if multiplication is to become a reality.  Multiplication has everything to do with how many people are in the training track.  In my cell right now I have three people ready to enter training.  My basic training process contains eight lessons and supplemental reading and people can enter the process at any time.

Since we are entering the holiday season I’m also realistic that training will be slowed over the next five weeks.  I’m also away on a mission trip to India in January, which will be a good time for those in training to work together to facilitate the cell while I’m away.  During February and March these individuals will complete their basic training under my observation.

So even with prepared leaders it will still come down to God’s timing.  I want to make sure we launch with teams and not individuals, so I will also be looking at who they have prayerfully recruited to be part of their core team.  Maybe two of these leaders in training will take the existing cell while I take a few and go to plant another cell.  The third person in training has the vision to plant a women’s cell and if she can raise a core team of a few individuals she will be released to plant a new cell as well.

So that is my dream for multiplication but I will be praying and following the Holy Spirit’s lead for the appropriate moment to multiply.  For me in our context, multiplication within a year is an achievable target for cells.  I have a date, I’m preparing leaders and I’m seeking God’s timing in the process.

What are your current plans to multiply?


3 thoughts on “Target Date – Prepared Leaders – God’s Timing

  • If i understand well these are lessons for your future leaders of cells ?
    If so, could we look at your 8 lessons ? Are they available ?

  • Hi Richard, I would love to talk with you about what I do. I have simply adapted two resources for basic training. The Lead Book by Joel Comiskey available from this site and then Cell Group Leader Training by Touch Outreach Ministries at

    I have the person read the Lead book and then I have matched some of the training topics from Touch and instead of reading another book I teach through the material on CD. Then I wrote some questions for the person to answer that proved they read and listened to the materials. I also give some practical assignments that they are to do in their cell group under the mentoring of their cell leader.

    Richard I would welcome a call from you. Please e-mail me and we can exchange phone numbers or if you have Skype on your computer we can talk that way.

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