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JOEL I mentioned in my last blog and newsletter that a key strength of the cell chruch is the use of both wings to reach out. Last week, each JCG blogger explored that connection. We mentioned how that cells reach out as every member uses his or her evangelistic muscles to befriend unbelievers. On the other hand, top leadership can plan celebration events to further reap the harvest.

Christmas, Easter and other holidays are important times for harvest events. Cells and celebration are intimately linked to reap the harvest and then to disciple those who choose to follow Jesus.

In Ecuador, we held four to six evangelistic campaigns during the year. Both the mother and daughter churches where I served were part of a larger CMA movement called “Encounter.” One of the key Encounter characteristics was to hold regular evangelistic campaign to reach out.

Many cell churches have found that a regular “Friend’s Day” is the most effective (perhaps once per quarter). “Friends Day” is a time when the cells proactively invite their oikos to the celebration service. The person who is preaching focuses the message on newcomers.

WillowCreek popularized the seeker sensitive service every Sunday, but I’ve found it more effective to target certain days to focus on the fruit of cell outreach, while highlighting expository verse by verse preaching the rest of the year during the celebration serice.

What type of harvest event has worked best for you?

p.s.: this week will conclude our blog for 2010. We are taking three weeks off blogging for the holidays and will start again on January 10, 2011. Thanks for all your contributions!

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  • A big AMEN to this. Those “holiday” services are opportunities to reach lost souls. This is not a time to show how well we perform as entertainers, but to use those gifts wisely to reach unbelievers.

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