Celebrating Community

By Steve Cordle

How many times have you moved? If you are the average American, the answer is 11.7 times (I guess that last time the truck didn’t make it all the way to the new house!)

All of that mobility is hard on relationships. Many in our churches do not have old friends or family near by. But God’s gift to us is that we can always experience the family of God with brothers and sisters in Christ, especially through a cell group.

Groups can build and experience community in many ways, both in and outside the regular group meeting.

One way to celebrate our community is through communion. Many of our groups have a practice of holding a special communion service. Often at the end of a year. The tradition is for members to serve communion to each other. The leader starts by carrying the cup and bread to where a fellow member is seated. Before serving that member, he or she names a specific way in that person has influenced him/her while in the group. Then the leader offers the cup and bread.

Next, that member picks out another member of the group, and does the same thing.  And so it goes around the whole group, until everyone has been served and shared and heard about their influence.

It is a moving experience, and always a little surprising. Members are often unaware that they have made an impact on anyone else in the group. They may have thought they were there just to grow in their own faith. They may even have felt they were not worthy to help someone else, but they discover is that just by spending time each week together, and doing life as a group, they have made a difference. It’s a way the bonds of Christ-centered community are made visible.



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