Egyptian Christians Band Together

by Jeff Tunnell

As the world focuses on Egypt I am hearing reports of Christians banding together inside that nation.  The lines between Coptic, Catholic and Protestant believers are fading as believers quickly abandon their differences for the sake of safety, protection, prayer and mutual support.  I believe that as we, their brothers and sisters around the world (Hebrews 13:3) pray for them, they will become a radical identification of Jesus to their friends, neighbors, and family members.  For some this will have a negative impact in this world, as death may be their reward.  Unbelievers who witness the power of Christ resting in the midst of these banded-together believers will find a compelling invitation to receive the Savior who gives His people peace during tribulation (John 14:27 & 16:33).

While theirs is a forced urgency to band together, my question is “how do we develop this type of urgency before we must?”  The cell structure is the best, biblical method for banding together in times of peace and times of tribulation.  Building faith and trust in a small group community provides a place of refuge and evangelism as the cell shares its blessing of living in fellowship with Christ and one another.

But how do we compel one another to band together prior to the need to do so?

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