True Community Reaches Out


by Bill Mellinger

“Oikos” is such an important word and concept when referring to cell community that results in evangelism.  As you know, oikos is the Greek word for household or extended family. It refers to the people we come in contact with on a regular basis. Many of these people will be non-Christian.

Recently, one of our cell members wanted to do something to connect with his neighborhood oikos. He started planning a block party, and the cell helped him with the details.  We brought food, tables and chairs, and we ate with the neighborhood.

My own cell is doing the same thing. We are reaching out to our close friends and neighbors, so that they also may come to know the love of Jesus. We as a cell pray for opportunities to connect with friends, family, and close contacts. Through this type of outreach, my nephew and brother-n-law recently received Jesus and were baptized.

Who are the people in your “household,” your oikos, who do not know Jesus?  Are you sharing their names with the other members of your cell? Whenever we introduce our oikos to our cell, we take our cell to a higher level of community. I am convinced that true Christian community will always result in evangelism.

It is one thing to say we are really friendly.  Most churches and cells will say they are friendly, but rarely reach out. Yet real community can’t be contained. Frankly, I cannot think of anything more selfish than to enjoy the friendship of Jesus with other Christians and not share that friendship with those who do not know Him.  Community and evangelism must go together!



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