Know the Condition of Your Flocks

by Michael Sove

Prov 27:23 “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks…” This principle is very important if you are going to develop people. That’s what the cell church is all about.  So it is important to have a process for developing people and a way to measure whether you are being effective or not.  Our church focuses on four core processes as we help people to “Connect, Grow and Serve.”

  • Bring Them In – The focus here is outreach through both “Celebration and Cell.”
  • Retain Them – The focus here is to connect them to cell and release them to serve.
  • Disciple Them – The focus here is make “disciple-makers.”
  • Send Them Out  – The focus here is to impact the local community and nations.

Since we feel strongly about what we’re trying to do, we need something to measure whether these goals are being realized.  Certain reports and statistics help us to gauge how we’re doing.

In a later blog I will explain what it is we look at and measure.  I think there are some foundational measurements to take and as the ministry grows there may be other levels of things to watch and measure.  A starting place is to take your mission or vision statement and ask yourself what it is you are trying to do, then, find a way to gauge your progress as you follow the Lord’s leadership to expand His kingdom for His Glory.





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