Reporting: What Items are Necessary?

JOELby Joel Comiskey

Last week we blogged about the “why” of statistical reporting. Let’s now look at the “what” question. What are the essential statistics to ask for? One common error is to overload the reports with details that will never be examined. Here are some important, bottom line statistics:

  • Whether or not the group actually met
  • How many were in the group
  • Facts about the group such as conversions and new visitors
  • Prayer requests

Some other importnat details include:

  • What the leader did during the week to visit attendees
  • How many from the group are in the training
  • Goal for multiplication

A normal report might look like this:

Weekly Life Group Report 

Please return to Life Group mail slot in church workroom by Sunday.

Leader: ____________________ Attendance: _______ Date: ___________

Conversions: __________

Topic/Theme of gathering: ____________________________

Multiplication date: ___________ Multiplication Leaders: ___________________

Contacts of members/visitors: _______ Visitors: __________

How many in Training Track: ________ Meeting with Coach: __________

Utilize the back for prayer requests or information you deem important to communicate with your Coach/Pastoral Staff.

Another good example from the International Christian Center in Staten Island, New York is:

statistics Weekly Bridge Group Report 

Date: ____________________

Leader: __________________________________________

Coach: ___________________________________________

Weekly Activity Report:

Total Attendance: ________ Visitors: ________

Conversions: ___________

Bridge Group Trainees :

_________________________ _________________________

_________________________ _________________________

Number of Follow-Up contacts during the week:

Phone: _______________________________

One-on-one Appointments: ___________________________

Other: ________________________________________

Utilize bottom of sheet for prayer requests or information you deem important to communicate with your Coach/Leadership Staff. If you need more room please use back of page. Thank You.

Please return to Angela Munizzi’s Ministry Office mailbox in the Choir Room .

As Steve Cordle mentioned in his blog last Thursday, only ask leaders to report on items that will be looked at, examined, and communicated.





2 thoughts on “Reporting: What Items are Necessary?

  • I like this card. It could easily be turned into a mobile app too for even easier completion and submitting to pastors and coaches (I think like that a lot now).

    The only thing that is missing is a space for the leader to add a line or two of their immediate plans for outreach and community service. By simply asking the question week after week, it reminds the leader (and then the group) to do more than just meet together. Having this info would also help the leadership above the group pray for and encourage the group to keep at it when it doesn’t initially go swimmingly well.

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