The Natural Setting for Spirit-directed Gifts

by Jeff Tunnell

I must concur with Joel’s observations in his blog yesterday; the 1st century disciples received the New Testament while meeting in homes.  We are instructed to examine scripture in light of its historical setting, so it is fitting that we look at the exercise of spiritual gifts in the small group atmosphere.

This is the proving ground for ministry in the spiritual gifts.  We are among those who know us best and can attest to the accuracy of our ministry as well as our motives.  It is here that we can respond to the anointing of the Holy Spirit with confidence and accountability.  Those ministered to by Spirit-directed gifts will testify to God’s accuracy in touching their hearts. The servants operating in His gifts can humbly say that they have been used of God.

The natural beginnings of the church were intimate and filled with the love of God and love for God.  The manifestation of His Spirit was just as natural when loving members of His body simply yielded to His anointing and service to one another in the gifts of the Spirit.

How do you see it?  What are your thoughts?

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