Pastoral Visitation of Cells in a Small Church


by Mario Vega

The cell church pastor of a small church has the wonderful opportunity to get directly involved in the life of each cell. Along with teaching the values and principles of cell ministry, the lead pastor of a small church can visit each of the cells under his care. Cell members will greatly appreciate the visit of their senior pastor. Visiting the cells will also demonstrate the pastor’s commitment to cell ministry.

I heard that Larry Stockstill, senior pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, Louisiana , visits a different cell each week. Since Larry’s church is so large, he won’t be able to visit all of the cells in the church. And if he does, it will take him several years to visit all of them. But, how inspiring it is for his members to receive him in their cells! While the cell church is still small, the pastor has the great advantage of visiting each cell more frequently and movitating each cell in the process.



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La visita del pastor a las células

El pastor de una iglesia celular pequeña tiene la gran oportunidad de involucrarse en el trabajo celular de manera directa. Además de enseñar los valores y principios de su modelo celular, puede visitar cada una de las células de su iglesia.

Para los miembros de su iglesia, la visita de su pastor en las células les demuestra el aprecio que él tiene por este trabajo. Además, les enseña de la importancia que las células tienen para la vida cristiana.

En una ocasión escuché que Larry Stockstill, de Baton Rouge, visita una célula cada semana. Claro, su iglesia es ya tan numerosa que probablemente no terminará de visitarlas todas. Y, si lo hace, le tomará varios años completar el ciclo. Pero, ¡Cuán inspirador es para sus miembros recibir la visita de su pastor en las células! Mientras la iglesia celular es pequeña, el pastor tiene la gran ventaja de hacer estas visitas tan motivadoras a cada una de sus células.

2 thoughts on “Pastoral Visitation of Cells in a Small Church

  • Mario, you are so right, yet few lead pastors ever visit their groups… but they should!

    Most say they’re too busy or their presence totally destroys group dynamics (everyone acts differently or only speaks to the pastor instead of the whole group).

    Have you any advice for pastors who visit groups and discover their presence is actually more disruptive than edifying?

  • I am in total agreement with you guys. I too visit each cell on a regular basis. It sure lets the cell leaders feel that they are not alone and it is healthy to see how each cell is running, even though I get reports each week. Each cell has a different ‘flavour’ depending on the leader and the dynamics of the people in each cell. I love tasting these different flavours and seeing how the Holy Spirit is working with the diversity of people, which is His Body! We are a church with 20 odd different nationalities.

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