Captivating but Deceitful Models


by Mario Vega

When buying a vehicle, the person selects the brand, design, accessories, type of vehicle, and even its color. Very few buy a car based on the criterion of whether the vehicle operates on the principle of combustion gases that makes the engine run.

What happens in cell ministry is similar. Many are worried about cell mechanics, such as the weekly distribution of time, the type of reports, the program of the cell, and so on. Yet very few ask themeselves about the values and principles, which make the model run.

This does not mean that the mechanics are worthless. They are important but not essential to the cell work. Similarly, we can not say that the accessories and the color of a car are not important. But, they should not be the decisive issues when making a purchase.

It is important to go beyond the surface to reach the heart of the engine. It is necessary to discover the values and principles. In the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Becoming overly concerned with a cell model is like falling in love with a car with no engine.



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Modelos cautivantes pero engañosos

por Mario Vega

Cuando una persona decide comprar un vehculo lo selecciona en base a la marca, el diseño, los accesorios, el tipo de vehculo y hasta por su color. Muy pocos lo hacen sobre el criterio de si el vehculo se basa en el principio de la expansión de los gases en combustión que permite echar a andar el motor o no.

Parecido es lo que ocurre con el trabajo celular. Muchos están preocupados por la mecánica de trabajo, la distribución semanal del tiempo, el tipo de reporte, el programa de la célula, etc. Pero no se preguntan por los valores y principios que son los que en verdad hacen andar el modelo.

Esto no significa que los elementos mencionados no tengan valor, son elementos importantes pero que no son la clave esencial del trabajo celular. De igual manera, no se puede decir que los accesorios y el color de un carro no son importantes. Pero, no deberan ser los aspectos decisorios a la hora de una compra.

Es importante ir más allá de lo superficial para llegar al corazón del motor. Es necesario descubrir los valores y principios que siempre son la clave de todo. En palabras de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos.”

No sea que por preocuparte excesivamente por copiar un modelo celular, termines enamorándote de un carro sin motor.

4 thoughts on “Captivating but Deceitful Models

  • Yet in Ralph Neighbour s book Where Do We Go from here he cites all kinds of details. Especially the graphs showing that if you dont follow the components listed your acheivement is way down.
    So perhaps it starts with the heart for biblical community and outreach but by itself it is wrestling without a coach. We need the details so we have fewer lessons to learn from our mistakes.

  • Mario, I opened this article from my feed reader especially to leave a thumbs up for this brief, yet extraordinarily profound insight on the method-principle debate. As Randall said, very inspired analogy. I will remember it for a long time.

    From Romania

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