Leaders Reproduce Leaders


by Steve Cordle

And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds (Genesis 1:24)

Rabbits reproduce rabbits. Pear trees reproduce pear trees. Spiritual leaders reproduce spiritual leaders. It is the way the Lord designed life to multiply. Joel Comiskey is known to say cell groups are “leader breeders.” That is because cell groups focus on developing disciples, and discipleship is the basis for cell leadership.

However, this issue of reproduction of leaders needs prayerful attention. All cell leaders need to know that their main role is not to lead a meeting, but to develop another disciple who will then lead their own group.

Now let me get personal for a moment. You reproduce who you are, not what you would like. So, leaders who are highly evangelistic usually reproduce highly evangelistic leaders. Leaders who are strong in prayer reproduce prayer warriors.

If you see in your leaders an area that you would like to be stronger, it is likely you will need to ask God to strengthen that area within you first. We reproduce “after our own kind”.


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Lideres reproducen Lideres

Por Steve Cordle

Luego dijo Dios: Produzca la tierra seres vivientes según su género, bestias y serpientes y animales de la tierra según su especie (génesis 1:24)

Conejos reproducen conejos. Arboles de pera reproducen arboles de pera. Lideres espirituales reproducen lideres espirituales. Esa es la manera que el Señor designo la multiplicación de la vida. Joel Comiskey es conocido por decir a los grupos celulares que son “Criadores de Lideres” Eso es porque los grupos celulares se enfocan en desarrollar discpulos, y discipular es la base para el liderazgo celular.

Sin embargo, el problema de la reproducción de lderes necesita atención de oración. Todos los lderes celulares necesitan saber que su papel principal no es dirigir una reunión, es desarrollar otros discpulos que también dirigirán su propio grupo.

Ahora déjame tener un momento personal. Tú produces lo que tu eres, no lo que a ti te gusta. Entonces, lderes que son altamente evangelisticos usualmente reproducen altamente evangelisticos lderes. Lderes que son fuertes en la oración reproducen guerreros de oración.

Si tu ves en tu lder un área en la que él debe de ser mas fuerte, tu necesitas pedirle a Dios que te fortalezca en esa área primero. Reproducimos “de nuestra misma especie”


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  • Great article! I teach my small group leaders that a disciple = leader because the final stage of discipleship is becoming a leader that leads others. Therefore, if we are going to be wholly committed to discipleship, we need to be focusing on a few people to raise up as leaders to lead others along with the others in the group.

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