Only One Man?


by Steve Cordle

“The city’s in danger, and only one man can save it…” booms the voice on the movie trailer. In the United States, many movies feature the lone hero saving the day. It is consistent with our national value of independence, but it doesn’t reflect the biblical truth of our need for interdependence. We admire the person who is totally self-sufficient, the “self-made man”, and the one who goes his own way in spite of others’ opinions.

So, it may be easier for American non-Christians to come to believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead than it is for them to be convinced that they need other believers after trusting in Jesus.

As a cell leader, know that your group will be a testimony to a totally different way of life than most Americans experience. Just the fact that you gather and practice the “one-anothers” of the New Testament will be a radical statement to many. Some people might find the idea of participating in a group a little daunting. It is helpful to remember that many today do not know naturally how to be friends or relate well to others. Even if deep-down they hunger for it, community and becoming part of the family of God may produce some anxiety in them. Through patience, teaching and example, your helping them become enfolded into the group will position them for a new level of abundant living. Persevere!



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¿Solo un hombre?

Por Steve Cordle

“La ciudad está en peligro, y sólo un hombre la puede salvar…” auge de la voz en el largometraje de la pelcula. En los Estados Unidos, muchas pelculas cuentan con el héroe solitario que salva el da. Es coherente con nuestro valor nacional de la independencia, pero no refleja la verdad bblica de nuestra necesidad de interdependencia. Admiramos la persona que es totalmente autosuficiente, el “Hombre Autosuficiente”, y el que sigue su propio camino, a pesar de las opiniones de otros.

Por lo tanto, puede ser más fácil para los americanos no cristianos llegar a creer que Jesús resucitó de entre los muertos, que para ellos estar convencidos de que nos necesitamos los unos a los otros una vez que lo hacemos.

Como lder celular, yo sé que el grupo va a ser un testimonio de una forma diferente en la vida, y una experiencia que la mayora de los estadounidenses no experimentan. Sólo el hecho de reunirse y el practicar los “unos a otros” del Nuevo Testamento que será una declaración radical para muchos. Algunas personas pueden encontrar la idea de participar en un grupo un poco intimidante. Es útil recordar que muchos hoy en da no saben, naturalmente, cómo ser amigos o relacionarse con los demás. Incluso que en el fondo están hambrientos para ello, la comunidad y formar parte de la familia de Dios que puede producir cierta ansiedad en ellos. A través de la paciencia, la enseñanza y el ejemplo, el ayudarles a dejarse envolver en el grupo los posicionará para un nuevo nivel de vida abundante. ¡Persevera!



4 thoughts on “Only One Man?

  • Thanks for the helpful post, Steve. We must repent of our independence and learn to live as members of one body, caring for each other, humbly serving and being served. We need Jesus and we need one another.

  • Thanks for the post. I agree with you Steve. I would like to respectfully add that there is another huge obstacle to real Christian Community (living the “one-anothers) in the United States: busyness.
    Most people are far too busy these days to commit to Christian community as a true priority — meaning, to commit to it in such a way that they willingly choose NOT to do other things, for the sake of their relationships in the group.
    Over the years I’ve spent with cell groups, that is by far the number one killer of groups. It isn’t the devil doing it directly, or even the Lone Ranger mindset — it is baseball practice three nights a week (or some other equivalent). Any thoughts on addressing the busyness issue?
    Peace to you guys!

  • no doubt busyness is a huge factor – it’s often related to income level. The only cure I see is spiritual maturity (which gets slowed by busyness!)

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