Multiplying Disciples


by Abe Huber

For years the cell church specialists, like Ralph Neighbour, David Yonggi Cho and Joel Comiskey, have taught us that the cell is the heart of the local church. One of the main secrets to grow a healthy cell church is to grow and multiply the cells of that church. I believe that the same logic applies to discipleship.

It is my conviction that as the cell is the heart of the local church, DISCIPLESHIP IS THE HEART OF THE CELL. One of the main secrets to grow and multiply healthy cells is to multiply the discipleship that happens within the cell!!! In the PAZ Church in Santarem, Brazil, their are 7,187 cell groups. Each one of these cell groups are sub-divided into “micro-cells”. A micro-cell consists of two people: discipler and disciplee. Their are 35,037 “micro-cells”. Now here is something very exciting: Over and over again we have seen that if we increase the number of micro-cells we ALWAYS are able to consistently increase the number of cells!

Why does that happen? Healthy sheep always make a lot of babies!! I am convinced that the reason many Christians are not more fruitful is because they are spiritually sick. Why are they sick? I believe that one of the main reasons is because, as a general rule, we Christians have not truly obeyed the Great Commission. Jesus never said to “go make converts”…. He said: “Go make disciples”.

A true disciple of Jesus is not only born again and well pastored, he is mentored in his spiritual life, in his family life and his ministry. He is trained to make other disciples, and now he also is fulfilling Great Commission!!!



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Multiplicando Discipulos

por Abe Huber

Durante años, los especialistas de la iglesia celular, como Ralph Neighbour, David Yonggi Cho y Joel Comiskey, nos han enseñado que la célula es el corazón de la iglesia local. Uno de los principales secretos para hacer crecer una iglesia celular sana es crecer y multiplicar las células de esa iglesia. Creo que la misma lógica se aplica al discipulado.

Tengo la convicción de que como la célula es el corazón de la iglesia local, el discipulado es el corazón de la célula. Uno de los principales secretos para crecer y multiplicar células sanas, es multiplicar ¡el discipulado dentro de la célula! En la Iglesia PAZ en Santarem, Brasil, hay 7.187 grupos celulares. Cada uno de estos grupos de células estan sub divididos en “micro-células”. Una célula micro esta compuesta por dos personas: discipulador y discipulo. Hay 35.037 “micro-células”. Ahora hay algo muy emocionante: Una y otra vez hemos visto que si aumentamos el número de micro-células ¡SIEMPRE seremos capaces de aumentar el número constante de células!

¿Por qué sucede eso? ¡Las ovejas sanas siempre tienen muchos bebés! Estoy convencido de que la razón por la que muchos cristianos no son más fructfero es porque están espiritualmente enfermos. ¿Por qué están enfermos? Creo que una de las principales razones es porque, como regla general, los cristianos no hemos obedecido realmente la Gran Comisión. Jesús nunca dijo que “fueramos hacer conversos” …. Él dijo: “Id y haced discpulos”.

Un verdadero discpulo de Jesús no sólo nace de Nuevo, el es adiestrado en su vida espiritual, en su vida familiar y su ministerio. Está entrenado para hacer otros discpulos, y ¡ahora también está cumpliendo con la Gran Comisión!

3 thoughts on “Multiplying Disciples

  • Thank you for this great insight that yoi shared! What you’ve shared is SO important, and I’m so glad that I’m hearing it now just before we “officially” launch into cell group discipleship through mentor-trainee relationships.

    Great appreciation for all what is shared through these blog posts.

  • Philip Wood writes: Excellent blog.
    For many years, I planted house churches hoping the byproduct would be disciples. I planted house churches in order to make disciples.
    I now have a different strategy that I am seeking to implement since last year of seeking disciples who have it in their hearts to become disciple-makers and then bring them together in a team or a house church. Thus, we invite those who are believers or new converts to “follow us” as we follow Jesus. There are no simple listeners in our house churches, just doers. We qualify them before they come in. They are followers, no fans.
    Disciple-makers gather together to form house churches (or cell groups) of their disciples who will, in due time, go and gather their own disciples (to Jesus) to become a new HC of disciples being trained to become disciple-makers.
    It is exciting and it is beginning to work.
    Praise the Lord.
    God bless you,

  • Somos una iglesia establesida que quiere dar inicio a una invacion cellular y Busco Material / Recursos para Celulas..Iniciare mis celulas madres ,,..

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