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“At last! The small group world has finally been given rock solid research that proves what it takes to create groups that are gospel-centered, relationally bonded, evangelistically effective, disciple-making, and that multiply for Kingdom purposes. If you’re a senior pastor, groups pastor, group member, education minister, or a Sunday School teacher,  I’m begging you to read this book–then do what it says to do.  Read this book first! There is a plethora of fantastic books written by some of the best thinkers in the groups world. Read as many of them as you can. But, READ THIS BOOK FIRST! Groups That Thrive unearths indisputable research that will guide you to practices that create groups that really do evangelize and make disciples. The vision God has given me is to see, “A biblical small group within walking distance of every person on the planet making disciples that make disciples.” Groups That Thrive reveals the rock- solid research and the practices necessary to see this vision become a reality” (Rick Howerton, author, Small Group enthusiast, and Church Consultant with Kentucky Baptist Convention).

“Every church leader wants to promote healthy small groups. Many have personal opinions about what produces healthy small groups. The challenge is actually knowing what makes small groups healthy. This is why Groups That Thrive: 8 Surprising Discoveries About Life-giving Small Groups is so valuable. It goes beyond opinions and hunches. Joel Comiskey and Jim Egli instead use research driven findings to define and describe the real elements of healthy small groups. It’s a must read for anyone involved in small group ministry” (Steve Gladen, Saddleback Church, Pastor of Small Groups, Author of latest book, Planning Small Groups With Purpose)

“Most of us who lead vibrant, healthy small groups probably don’t know why they are so vibrant and healthy. Jim and Joel unpack those key contributing elements through their vast research. As more group leaders and pastors implement these key findings God will bless the effort with strong groups. We need more research based books like this in the small groups discipline!” (Pastor Bill Search, author of The Essential Guide for Small Group Leaders and Simple Small Groups)

“This book embodies everything I believe and practice about leading small groups successfully! 23 years ago I was taught to do these exact things and I’ve spent the last 23 years doing them and teaching group leaders under my ministry to do them as well. Joel and Jim’s book isn’t some starry-eyed theory about how small groups are supposed to work, but proven and tried ways of doing small groups well. Ingest this book and start doing every practice it suggests. Put it in the hands of every small group leader you know. Do things this way and your groups will thrive!” (Jay Firebaugh, Director of Small Groups, New Life Church, Gahanna/ Columbus, OH.)

“I love the emphasis on thriving groups. Often in small-group ministry, we’re stuck in reactionary mode—we’re reacting and responding to issues that arise. But Comiskey prompts us to consider how we can proactively set up small groups to thrive and be all they’re meant to be, all based on research. This leads to healthy relationships, abundant spiritual growth, and a deep connection to the mission of God” (Amy Jackson, Associate Publisher for

“Reading ‘Groups that Thrive’ is a significant step in my small group journey. With powerful new analytics, this book continues the process of refining and balancing my view of groups ministry. This is a must-read for any groups practitioner, leader and pastor!”(Andrew Mason, Founder,

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