What Do You Need to Improve

By Joel Comiskey and Jim Egli, new book, Groups that Thrive

One of our principal goals in our new book “Groups that Thrive” is to help churches find their weakest link and then work on that weak spot. Why? Because we know that thriving small groups are balanced and healthy in all areas—not just one or two. Just like we don’t say a human body is healthy if all systems are working well except the heart, in the same way, church and small group health requires balance and needs all areas to be functioning normally.

Jim Egli has been developing a tool to find weak links for the last twenty years. At  thrivingsmallgroups.com we’ve provided a way to determine the group’s weakest obstacle which prevents a healthy, thriving group.

We’ve tested and retested the questions to provide the most accurate results. We’ve reduced the survey questions to 35 from the original 110. After answering those questions, your group will discover their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, you can work on the weakest link, that area in your small group that prevents your group from thriving. Groups that thrive are healthy in each of the areas.

The good news is that it’s free. This will make it easy for small groups to discover their weakest link, the area where they need to work the most.