Finishing Well

Cell Coaching

Joel Comiskey

Winter 2015

One of the most popular contemporary songs is Bert Millard’s “I Can Only Imagine” (over 2 million digital downloads). Bert Millad, vocalist in the band Mercy Me, wrote the song about his father who died in 1991. Millard, alone on a bus in the middle of the night, wrote the lyrics to the song by drawing on his thoughts and personal faith about what one would experience standing before God in Heaven.

When we imagine standing before the King of Kings, the one thing all of us hope to hear is the phrase “well done, you good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23). The motivation to hear those words should guide our thoughts and actions in this life. Yet, we can’t survive in this life without a lot of “well dones” along the way. In other words, each of us need numerous short term victories to successfully cross the finish line and receive the final reward. As you come to the end of the year in cell ministry, make sure you say well done to your pastors, leaders and cell members. The end of the year is a perfect time to celebrate.

Maybe you’ve fulfilled all of your goals or maybe you’ve fallen woefully short. Either way, you can still celebrate. Remember, encouragement involves both both accomplishments and effort. Your leaders will need your “well done” to successfully press ahead in the new year. They need to hear your “well done” in both words and action. How will you verbally let them know that they have done well? How will you practically show them? Words of appreciation, notes, presentations, celebratory dinners, and so forth are all ways to say “well done” to those who have labored hard to serve Jesus in cell ministry.

And remember that encouragement goes beyond you. In reality, you are God’s channel of encouragement. Jesus is epressing his appreciation through you. He is more thrilled with the labor of those working in his church. He rejoices in the outreach of every member, the deep community bonds in the cell, and and the development of each new disciple.

So let me close with these words to you, “well done.” Thanks for serving Jesus. Well done.