Connecting from Cell to Celebration

Church Leadership

by Joel Comiskey

Spring 2015

We’ve talked about connecting people from celebration to cell, but what about from cell to celebration? Here are a few thoughts:

1. Remember that the cell is the church. If a person regularly attends a cell group that person is part of the church. The cell is the church (ecclesia) as much as the celebration (ecclesia). Many cell churches around the world take offerings in the cell groups because they want to give opportunity for the “cell only” people to give tithes and offerings. They realize that such people are attending the church (cell group) and want them to grow spiritually through giving their tithes and offerings.

2. Do not invite members of other evangelical churches to your cell group. Because the cell is the church, it’s unethical to pastor the sheep under the authority of another pastor and local church. Send those people back to their own churches to start groups. Remember the cell is for unchurched people or those already a part of your local church (the larger gathering). Granted, some people say they go to “such and such a church,” but it’s in name only. They really are unchurched. Then there are those who attend a “liberal church ” that is not based on God’s inerrant Word. Such people need to be saved and shepherded in your cell and celebration services.

3. Explain the biblical basis for both cell and celebration. I have an entire chapter in my book, Biblical Foundations for the Cell-based Church, on the biblical connection between cell and celebration. The “cell only” people should know why it’s important to attend both cell and celebration.

4. Attract the “cell only” people to the larger gatherings. Perhaps you could invite the person to a special celebration event. One cell church held a monthly “Friend’s Day” that encouraged the cell groups to invite the “cell only” people to the celebration service. Or maybe you could invite the person to a church-wide picnic or baptism. Boldly share the great things happening in the celebration with the goal of connecting the person to both cell and celebration.