Discipleship through Evangelism in the Larger Gatherings

Church Leadership

By Joel Comiskey

Summer 2013

by Joel Comiskey

Individual cell groups are great to strengthen the muscles of each member through netfishing, but throwing out a much larger net is also very effective. Many cell churches promote harvest events in the larger gathering during the year. The cell groups are intimately involved in these large group events.

I’ve seen many videos of the harvest events at the Elim Church in San Salvador that have attracted more than 150,000 people. The reason for the success was that each cell member actively participated in inviting, administrating, and praying for the event. Each cell member, cell group, sector, zone, and district worked together in harmony to reach people for Jesus. Rather than primarily being a massive rally of seekers, the event was carefully administrated by color coded sectors, zones, and district who knew where to sit, what bus to use, and how to follow-up.

Granted, the massive rallies, like the ones Elim initiates are rare. But cell churches mobilize the cell troops on a smaller scale as well. I’ve seen various cell churches use “friend’s Day” with great effectiveness. The church mobilize the cell groups to invite their close associates to a special seeker service on a particular day. The transformation takes place not only in the lives of those who receive Jesus but in each member, cell, and leader working together as a disciplined army to achieve a greater objective. A different set of muscles is required for the larger event. It requires availability, willingness to work as a team and follow orders, submission, faithfulness, and commitment. Future disciples are nurtured in the atmosphere of missions.



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