Emphasizing Different Wings on the Cell Journey

Church Leadership


by Joel Comiskey

The cell church teaches and practices both cell and celebration. However, cell or celebration might be emphasized more or less in the church’s life cycle. Let me explain.

Most church plants will begin by focusing almost entirely on the cell. As the cells grow and multiply, those cells will come together more frequently to celebrate. Church planters need to firstly focus on cell members, cell outreach, and leadership training. The celebration services will naturally develop in its frequency and detail as more people are added to cells and can help in the celebration gatherings.

A church transitioning to the cell strategy, on the other hand, will already have a weekly celebration and other church ministries. At the time of transition, the natural emphasis will be on the celebration wing and those ministries associated with it. The lead pastor starts slowly by leading one pilot cell group and then over-time multiplying the pilot group. As the new cells grow and multiply, the cell wing will be given more visibility and emphasis.

One of the great things about cell church ministry is its rich emphasis on both cell and celebration. This doesn’t mean, however, that both cell and celebration will be equally emphasized at all times in the church’s life cycle.


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