Benefits of Larger Cell Churches

Church Leadership

by Joel Comiskey

Some pastors have a vision to grow a large cell church that can influence an entire city. Yoido Full Gospel Church and Elim are examples of such churches. La Misión Cristiana Moderna in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands is another church that has chosen to become a mega cell church (Pastor Angel Manuel Hernández is the senior pastor) . When I spoke at their church in September 2009, Pastor Angel said to me, “God wants me to continue to grow a large church here in Fuerteventura before we actively engage in planting new churches. As an Assembly of God denomination, we’ve already planted many, many smaller churches that have yet to make a powerful impact on the Canary Islands. In a large cell church, we are having a far greater impact.”

So what are the benefits of large mega cell churches? Here are a few:

  • City impact. Large city-wide cell churches can often have a greater impact on the government and politics because of size and impact.
  • Shared resources. Large cell churches can pool resources for training, materials, radio, and even TV.
  • Rapid multiplication. Large cell churches can raise up cell leaders quickly because many of the other structures are already in place (e.g., celebration services, etc.) and time and energy is devoted to develop coaches at all levels (volunteer and paid).
  • Exciting worship. Having so many people together in one place for worship creates excitement and enthusiasm in the celebration.

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