Renewing the Leadership Vision

Church Leadership

by Joel Comiskey

Winter 2012

I’m sure you can remember a time when your cell vision was on a mountain top “high.” Perhaps Bible passages popped out at you about God’s Trinitarian nature, Jethro’s advice to Moses about caring for the people in groups of ten, or how the early church met from house to house and celebrated together. Perhaps you visited an exciting cell church and had an “aha” moment. You could see clearly into the future, and how you wanted to project your current ministry. Or perhaps you read a book that inspired you to change something in your current structure.

The problem is that we can’t stay on the mountain top. We all have to come down to the real world of unfulfilled expectations, human failings, and megaloads of data confronting us continually. So how do we sustain the cell vision over the long-haul. As you know, cell church ministry is a marathon, rather than a 50-yard dash. Here are some key ways to renew your vision:

  • Bible reading. The Bible is chalked full of material to stimulate your cell vision. My new book, Biblical Foundations for Cell-Based Ministry (Nov 2012), has stimulated me to dig deeper and receive new passion for the biblical base for cell ministry.
  • Resources (books, articles, blogs, etc.). Are you feeding your cell vision by reading cell resources? I’ve put together a list of “must read” books on cell ministry. How many have you read on the list? Do you have a plan to read them? They will help fuel your vision. The same is true with cell blogs, articles, small group resources, etc. I’m glad you’re reading this blog and hope you continue!
  • Seminars, conferences, and network gatherings. Cell conferences offer information to inspire your vision but they also provide opportunities to interact with pastors and leaders who are on the same journey. Do you have plans to attend a seminar or conference in 2012? How about the JCG event in February in Dallas? I’m always impressed with pastors who organize themselves into networks after a seminar for the purpose of encouragement and strengthening their cell vision.
  • Coaching. Having a personal coach is a great way to keep your vision strong and growing. A coach will hold you accountable, listen, encourage, offer resources, and suggest ways to improve. Some coaches charge a fee whole others do it for free. Our book, You Can Coach, looks at the different coaching options and how to coach (maybe God is calling you to coach someone else!). Along with the many free resources, we also offer fee-based coaching at JCG.
  • Personal Experience. Sometimes the best way to renew your vision is to lead a cell group or become a member of a cell. Being in the battle will keep your vision focused. If you haven’t begun your cell journey, maybe you could ask a nearby pastor to allow you to attend one of their cells or pastoral team meetings.

Maybe you can think of other ways to keep your cell vision strong

Further reading on leadership and related topics: Comiskey’s book Myths and Truths of the Cell Church. Buy HERE or call 1888-344-CELL.