Who is Most Likely to Hear the Gospel?

By Joel Comiskey, Home Cell Group Explosion (2023 edition)

The best cell groups are outwardly focused. And the good news is that reaching out strengthens the group’s community and intimacy.

What are some needs around your group? Homelessness? Drug addiction? Joblessness? Who are the needy people around your group?

Often the neediest have gone through a crisis. Do you know people in that condition? Recently, a person came to our cell group because of a sudden heart problem. He was scared and realized life was short.

Life throws curve balls all the time. We live in a world where trials and tragedies are commonplace. For example, a friend might bring up a recently discovered tumor. That’s your opportunity to listen and sympathize. After showing heartfelt concern, you might want to say, “Jesus is the One who can give you true comfort and peace. Have you talked with Him about your illness?”

God will open doors to share Christ during receptive periods in a person’s life. These receptive periods include significant life changes, such as marriage, the birth of a child, a new job, or retirement. Receptive periods might also have times of stress, such as the death of a spouse, divorce, family crisis, or injury. 

Ralph Neighbour has made a helpful chart about ministering to needy people.

Death of spouse100Son or daughter leaving home29
Divorce73Trouble with the in-laws29
Marital separation65Outstanding personal achievement28
Jail term63Spouse begins or starts working26
Death of a close family member63Starting or finishing school26
Personal injury, illness53Change in living conditions25
Marriage50Revision of personal habits24
Fired from work47Trouble with boss23
Marriage reconciliation45Change in work hours or conditions20
Retirement45Change in residence20
Health change in family member44Change in schools20
Pregnancy40Change in recreational habits19
Sexual difficulties39Change in church activities19
Change in social activities18Addition to family39
Mortgage or loan under $10,000.0018Change in sleeping habits16
Business readjustment39Change in financial status38
Death of a close friend37Change in eating habits15
Change in marital arguments35Change in number of family gatherings15
Mortgage or loan over $10,000.0031Vacation13
Christmas season12Minor violations of the law11
  Change in work hours or conditions20

The message that Jesus Christ came to give us life and life more abundantly will always be relevant to people who have questions about the trials they are enduring. We should feel free to share Christ with anyone struggling with life’s problems.

I challenge you to take .10 minutes at the end of the cell group to identify the needs of people you know and those in the community. Plan activities to meet those needs.