What Others are Saying About the Joel Comiskey’s Writing Course

“Dr. Comiskey’s Writing for Publication course continues to be a transformational element in my life.  Through the stimulus and knowledge offered in this course, I was able to strategically integrate writing into my life. I wrote down 100 questions during the course which I use as a guide in partnership with my strategic accountability partner.  Dr. Comiskey was a transformational catalyst in my journey, and I will use his course as an example of catalytic leadership in my own future  leadership courses” (Ray Rood, president and founder of the Genysys Group). 

 “I have taught writing for many years but knew little about writing for publication.   Dr. Comiskey’s “Writing for Publication” course was exactly what I needed.  Dr. Comiskey is very knowledgeable and up to date about all aspects of publishing.  His course was varied and interesting, and, perhaps most importantly, when I was done, I wanted to write” (Dr. Brian Larsen, Associate Professor of English, Simpson University)

“Dr. Comiskey’s course, Writing for Publication, was comprehensive, hands-on, and cutting edge on for   prospective writers. The value for the price was far better than any writer’s conferences I have attended” (Robert Lincoln Hancock, senior  Executive service in  White House Reagan Administration)

Dr. Comiskey’s course, Writing for Publication, was one of the most enjoyable and comprehensive learning experiences I’ve ever had. I wholeheartedly recommend it (Claudia Gentry-Crook, Spare Me the Details- Business Services) 

 “I came away from the class feeling fully equipped to publish a book. I think everyone in the class had the same sense of confidence and forward momentum. Actually, I came away with ideas for three new books, in addition to the one I am currently working on. I highly recommend this course to any who have a book percolating in their head. Whether considering the traditional publishing route, or pursuing the self-publishing path, I am convinced that those who take the course will know what to do next” (Jim Corley, CEO Catalytic Jesus Communities)