The Coaching Process

We at JCG understand the difficulty in transitioning to the cell strategy or planting a cell church. It’s our conviction and experience that hands-on coaching–as opposed to just information–is the best way to assure success over time. A coach comes along side the pastor/church and designs a customized strategy that includes:

  • Training/equipping
  • Strategizing
  • Development
  • Challenging
  • Celebrating

Even though JCG coaching is specifically designed for each unique church, coaching ministry normally involves:

  • In-depth case study of church
  • Regular phone calls
  • Email communiqués about cell church for pastor’s development (e.g., resources, personal experiences of travels, etc.)
  • Personal meeting/visits between coach and pastor (personal visits vary depending on distances traveled)
  • Daily prayer support
  • Occassional visits to growing cell churches

If you’d like to know more about coaching prices, please please call 1-888-511-9995 or write:

We at JCG believe that coaching keeps the cell fire burning over the long haul, and we will count it a privilege to serve you.